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Tropical North Queensland

If you are searching for the most unique authentic boutique lodge accommodation experience around Cooktown on Cape York or in the Greater Daintree Rainforest, you have found us! Guests realise the difference as soon as they arrive.

Mungumby Lodge is just south of Cooktown, north of Port Douglas or Cairns. We offer quality private accommodation for travellers seeking to stay in a lodge that offers a personal nature experience. Our property is located at the apex of three very distinct landscapes as well as cultures, we are accessible and open year round and do not operate like a motel. Our bungalows offer private ensuite bathrooms and are clean, spacious. Each are located within the enclosed gardens with a great setting. Most guests advise we live in paradise, we wake up to this and the bird song every day.

Getting here is very easy. A top drive from Cairns Airport on the Mulligan Highway is a nice way to travel and suitable for conventional vehicles all year round. Do forget the road to Laura is totally sealed to Laura so why not slip up to the Split Rock Art or visit the Quinkan galleries with a Aboriginal guide(Queenslands most famous Aboriginal Rock Art) from Lakeland Downs on your way here or on the way back. Flights to Cooktown are offered x 2 per day Monday-Friday and 1 on Saturday. We also have a private airstrip available next to the lodge. Heli transfers are awesome.

Hikes, Mt bikes, fishing or simply bird watching or photography in the garden are our favourites. Cape York offers fantastic bird watching especially in our area. Birding at Mungumby is popular with many rare and unique species of birds seen directly at the lodge. See if you can spot the elusive Victoria's Rifle Bird near the car park!

Our guests come from all over the world and around Australia. We also welcome locals from Cape York all the way down to Townsville and many other Australians from all over our great country. The cool Mungumby Lodge air, gardens, and waterfalls flowing all year and not to forget the yummy food we prepare. Check out our guest book to see what they are saying!


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In today’s material world, discerning travellers search for genuine experiences that typify the country or region they are visiting. At Mungumby Lodge on Cape York just south of Cooktown, we offer a genuine Australian experience where the simple things count. Our boutique resort style lodge is at the apex of three unique and very distinct tropical landscapes located on the reef & rainforest coast.

Primitive tropical rainforest listed by the World Heritage Commission as one of the earths most unique and valued assets. Outback equivalent to the best Australia has to offer, along with a pristine wilderness tropical coastline on the inner edge of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. Together these areas host animals, birds, insects, fish and mangroves, which quite possibly excel that anywhere else on the continent. Together these regions are home to the cultural spirit of Far Tropical North Queensland’s Aboriginal culture.

Within walking distance from Mungumby Lodge are opportunities to swim in croc free jungle waterfalls, observe wildlife, immerse one self in the regions Aboriginal culture, relive history or simply enjoy a local Australian pub built in 1875. The added comfort is knowing that you have chosen the perfect base to explore Far Tropical North Queensland’s most pristine landscapes. From the Annan River Gorge, Laura & the Quinkan Country, Archer Point, Wujal Wujal falls, Black Mountain, Daintree, Cape Tribulation, Lakefield, and Cedar Bay to Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, this region provides a world of unique soft adventures.

The today's custodians (TC's) of Mungumby Lodge are proud to own this fine estate and fully respect the traditional owners (TO’s) of this region. We kindly ask visitors to also respect the regions Aboriginal culture and traditional wishes, as well as respecting nature and our fragile ecosystem which hosts our very existence. Our goal is to ensure our guests go home with memories of a life time and hope that our region is the experience they treasure the most from their holiday to Queensland, Australia.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cooktown region and our lodge!

Contact your travel agent or call us +61 7 4060 3158
email relax(at)mungumby.com and we will call you back if this suits, any where! We can advise of your nearest agent selling our lodge or answer your questions!

Hamish & Isabella Haslop - Hosts/Owners

January 2016


What a wonderful place to relax and find adventure. It is great to have a host so dedicated to providing guests a base to explore the natural beauty of Far North Queensland.


John Fotiadis | Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW


May 2016

Hi Team,

We do not do it every night, but we have been tracking our 1 year ago’s of late.

This time last year, we were departing Mungumby Lodge for Cooktown. Our flight leaving Cooktown was delayed 20 minutes due to bats at dusk. This year, we are staying in school all the way through.

We depart 6/1/16 for the mountains/volcanos/haciendas of Ecuador, Galapagos, onto Peru, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the Amazon River Basin. Nash and I are heading to Brazil in August for a soccer camp and the Olympics. Hope you are well.

Matt, Kelly, Nash, Ross Kayes |USA

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Call +61 7 4060 3158 or relax(at)mungumby.com
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