Lizard Island | Bloomfield | Quinkan | Cooktown

Customers experiencing the very best of Queensland, were on our Jewel of the Reef, Rainforest & Outback self-drive package. Arriving here to balmy calm weather, Anita & Hans were excited about what we had planned for them. Their first day we sent them with Daintree Air to Lizard Island. There are many flights over the inner reefs off of Cairns and Port Douglas, but nothing compares to a low level flight along the Great Barrier coast. Flying in a GA8 Airvan, the Daintree Air aeroplane is designed to maximise the guests comfort and experience with clear views of their surrounds. All in all, the Lizard Island day is about the best day you can have on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Anita & Hans returned blown away and surprised at the level of service, quality of food and about the team escorting them. 

Lizard Island is situated just north of Cooktown. The island is 26 kilometres from the mainland and is 1013 hectares. There are twenty three beaches. The island is surrounded by reefs which are teeming with marine life, including hundreds of species of tropical fish and crustaceans, huge green turtles, manta rays, blue ring rays and at times dugong which occasionally come into Watsons Bay. Snorkeling is world class; the reefs and the marine life are as good as or better than you will see anywhere else in Australia. As can be seen from the photographs here on this blog, the waters surrounding Lizard are crystal clear and are ideal for snorkeling. Many of the reefs are in shallow water making the snorkeling easy for beginners however there are many reefs in the deeper water off the beach for the more experienced swimmers as well.

Wujal Wujal, Bloomfield and Ayton along the rainforest coast was their next stop. Driving down to this area Anita & Hans were in awe at the surrounding rainforest which cascades down the mountain slopes of Cedar Bay National Park. On the Bloomfield River, Mr Rufous a huge local Croc was basking on the banks, almost posing for the camera. Visiting the Bana Yirriji Aboriginal art gallery at Wujal Wujal meeting numerous Aboriginal artists they met the lovely Ruby one of the locals, they purchased some unique jewellery. After a walk to the Wujal Wujal falls and along the stunning Weary Bay they then dropped in to the Black Cockatoo Gallery.

At Laura west of Mungumby Lodge an Aboriginal guided tour awaited. Steve their guide took them on a true Aussie bush journey through the scrub arriving 50minutes later at the stunning Quinkan Galleries. Taken on a journey explaining the images before them, Aboriginal bush tucker, and history of the people who once lived there. The rock art is simply stunning and the best on offer in Queensland.

Upon leaving this morning Anita & Hans were very thankful to our staff, the setting, ambiance and service at Mungumby Lodge. Prior to booking our package online, they initially had no idea there was simply so much more to do from Mungumby Lodge, Cooktown and within SE Cape York.

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