Similar Lodgings in Far North Queensland

Many of our customers often stay in similar properties to Mungumby Lodge pre or post their stay here. Many of these are properties like Mungumby Lodge are featured and used by travel companies seeking accommodation like ours, or similar that are compliant to travel standards plus offer a nature experience that stands for best practice environmental standards and management. There many other accommodation options that purport to be of similar standard online, but are not used by the travel industry (traditional wholesalers and travel agents) due to lack of compliance to the likes of EU & AU travel legislation. There are many more that are, but have not hit our radar from guest feedback.

There are 1000’s of accommodation properties or BnB’s available through online bucket shops at discount rates. These are priced sharply for good reason and the online bucket shops have no interest in ensuring that they are compliant in any way as feedback is their only measure. This feedback is often very skewed to the individual or somewhat incorrect.  Despite raves or good comment about peoples stay, there are few accommodation houses that offer the personalised experience and compliance like these listed below do. Don’t rely on trip advisor, check out their own guest reviews.

Here is a small list of properties that our guests more often than not stay at pre or post the Mungumby experience. This list is not comparing us to these properties or visa versa, we all offer different experiences and are unique in our own right which makes your holiday experience all for the better in Far North Queensland.

Bird Watcher Group @ Laura Railway bridge ruins