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Australian Pacific Lodges, owners of Mungumby Lodge is an experiential tourism operator. Our focus and commitment is to offer clients not just a bedroom, but a total environmental experience and stay. The rooms, food &, beverages, self guided treks, and ambience are all part of the experience. We offer through contractors in depth-touring options within the surrounding region allowing clients to fully experience our regions history, intricate ecosystem and Aboriginal culture. All operations are operated with an environment first strategy. It is our intention to set up an environment research laboratory and Canopy Tower at on the estate, whereby guests and researchers can learn side by side. Likewise, we have already developed a wildlife reserve for endangered species on the property’s freehold estate. This estate runs parallel to the new Mangkal-Mangkalba National Park & Black Mountain National Park.

Australian Pacific Lodges is set on developing in a sustainable manner a group of environment experience lodges in Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific and seeks an investor or purchaser of Mungumby Lodge. All will be smaller properties like Mungumby Lodge, which is the first and only property until 2019-20. The family company boasts over 31 years of local Queensland experience and 40 years of tourism. The organisation is 100% committed to client satisfaction through experiential travel opportunities. These will be for special interest and active clients as well as families on pursuit of an educational holiday away from their daily stress.