Mungumby Lodge recognised by HotelsCombined as being amongst the best in Australia.

HotelsCombined, has selected Mungumby Lodge, Cooktown to receive the official Recognition of Excellence Award. This selection has come from HotelsCombined’s extensive surveys using data from millions of guest reviews for a wide range of accommodation within Australia.

Mungumby Lodge, Cooktown has consistently produced a high satisfaction rating among guests and travel industry experts. Mungumby Lodge – Cooktown has received 54 reviews and earned an impressive guest rating of 9 out of 10 on HotelsCombined.

Mungumby Lodge now joins an elite group of hotels around the world that have been awarded the HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence. This exclusive collection of highly-rated accommodations has been chosen using a strict set of criteria such as the quality and consistency of reviews, the absence of recurring or unresolved issues with customers, popularity of the property and of course, the overall resulting score.

“We are honoured to have Mungumby Lodge rated this way by past and present guests”, said Hamish Haslop – Managing Director – Australian Pacific Lodges.

“We are thrilled to be working with the best hotels in Australia. Mungumby Lodge has proven its place among them with this award and its commitment to providing high-quality services to all guests,” said Melinda Balazs, Hotel Awards Program Manager at HotelsCombined.

Recognition of Excellence Award makes it even easier for travellers to find the top hotels for customer service and guarantee the best value for their money.

Australian Parrots of the smaller kind

Cyclopsitta diophthalma Macleayana

Double eyed fig parrot is one of the smallest and rarest of Australian parrots and is found in three different subspecies and separate populations all on the east coast of Australia. They are also found in New Guinea. They are a lovely green with yellow wash on the wings and, most distinctively, red patches above and below the eyes, resulting in the common name of ‘double eyed’. Their eggs are laid in holes in dead, sometimes perilously rotten, trees and they are often see excavating a burrow in these trees. Both sexes have a red forehead, but the males also have a red cheek patch, as opposed to the females’ which is usually yellow. Seen ideally three or four times each year around the weeping native fig trees on the Atherton Tablelands, Julatten and Mungumby Lodge, which set fruit and attract these parrots. These photos were taken from the sofa at Mungumby Lodge. Unlike many larger parrots, fig parrots feed as you can see here very quietly on the kernels of many tiny seeds, including those of figs, buttonwood and ironwood. Unless you look you would not know they are there until they fly off together in a noisy manner “Zeet-Zeet”.

Welcome to the beginning of the world

At Mungumby Lodge our small team are actively marketing our region privately. We never just promote Mungumby Lodge we promote the region in its entirity to the world. That is our sucess, encouraging tour operators to feature our region in their brochures, marketing materials and in their itineraries. In June this year we returned from a European sales mission, over 9 days we conducted 24 appointments in England, Switzerland, Germany & Holland, speaking with around 70 active specialists. Here is a result of a recent journalist visit generated from one of those meetings in Holland. Nature is our regions largest international draw card

Warm hosts, beautiful scenery, fantastic getaway

We would come back to this region purely to stay in this accommodation again. The point of our trip was to visit Cooktown, however we spent most of our time at this Lodge as it was so inviting. I would have loved to have stayed longer. The hosts are wonderful- very welcoming and knowledgeable about the area and the local flora and fauna. They serve meals in the restaurant most nights, which we had on one night of our stays- incredibly delicious! The breakfasts, which are provided, were lovely and eating in the restaurant surrounded by the beautiful wildlife is a great experience. The actual lodges are very comfortable and being in the tropics it didn’t get chilly at night. There are a lot of great walking trails and a beautiful river surrounding. As we stayed there while I was pregnant I couldn’t do a particular trail that lead to a waterfall as it is quite steep, but my husband did it and thought it was great! I hope we get an opportunity to stay again soon!

Laura & Tam 
Cairns, FNQ

Australian Trip Highlight

Dear Hamish and Isabella,                                                                                6/2/2019

I received very positive feedback from the Huisman family, who stayed with you from 19 – 22 December2018. They loved the warm welcome and your enthusiasm for telling them about the area and showing them where to go. Besides this they think you are a good cook!

Their stay with you was one of the highlights of their Australia trip.

Thank you for taking such good care of our clients!

Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,

Mandy Ponstijn
Customer relations | Travel Essence | NL

Finding my roots in the rainforest

When I told my friends I was holidaying at a place called Shiptons Flat, staying at a place called Mungumby Lodge, they looked askance at me, with frowns of bewilderment and curiosity. Of course, they had never heard of these places and I was able to explain that this was the place where my mother had been born, in a bark shack with an ant-bed floor, on the banks of the Annan River at Shiptons Flat and that her grandparents lived a couple of miles away in the Big Scrub, and it was my mission to find information on three generations of my ancestors and their lives tin mining in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Shiptons Flat School

What was initially a journey into the unknown became one of the rewarding and enjoyable holiday experiences I’ve ever had. Under the interested and efficient guidance of our hosts, Hamish and Isabella, meetings were established with many locals who warmly shared their knowledge of the area with us. Lunch at The Lions Den exposed us to the location of the famous Federation Dance of 1901, a photograph of which hangs there. Within the circle of dancers are my great x 3 grandparents.
A day spent with Lewis, Charles and Edith Roberts resulted in locating the old house’s
remains in the Big Scrub, hidden away under a row of a dozen gigantic mango trees, adjacent to a space where race horses were bred and raced. They also located the remains of the Shiptons Flat School which my great x 3 grandfather had built, the Shipman family’s house which was a centre of social activity for the area and several tin mine sites. It was wonderful to share the Roberts family’s hospitality and their love of history, bird life and native fauna.

An arranged visit to the Rossville Historical Society’s museum brought us in contact with the very helpful Sandy Lloyd and Mr Hatfield who readily swapped photographs and information. Further into Cooktown a visit to the Cooktown Historical Museum whose extensive files and displays enabled me to locate three family burial spots in the cemetery and the location of my great x 3 grandmother’s dairy adjacent to the cemetery in what was once John St. By this time I was keen to acquire a copy of Sylvia Gerherty’s book of local history, Soap Suds and Smoke . Meeting helpful volunteers at the Museum, Croc Shop, the Botanical Gardens, the Library and the Historical Museum meant that I became very well acquainted with many friendly locals, although I was not lucky enough to obtain the book. The community of greater Cooktown impressively values its history and keenly preserves it. It is unfortunate other communities, like my present one, do not. (Today an old convict wall is being removed to accommodate a car race!) I am spreading the word. Holidaying in the heart of the wet tropics is an excellent choice.

Cecily Grace. Newcastle N.S.W.

Roar of the Rainforest

Roar of the Rainforest

When nature unleashes the rainforest roar, LOOK OUT!
It is on for young and old.

The heavens open and the rain falls ankle deep over the earth’s surface. Gravity determines direction downhill and that it does. Ancient trees with cascades of rain water descending to the earth, always to find the deepest route right down to the Coral Sea.

Creeks run into rivers purging the rainforest floor of its content out to sea. Seeds branches leaf litter & soil particles, tree trunks and more. Carving great exit points into the coastal landscape. The thunder, the fury, the roar of nature as the tropics takes a drink. Since 3pm we @ Mungumby Lodge have taken just under 100mm with surely much more to come.

Love the Wet Tropics. Escape this year to Cooktown.

Mungumby Creek


#explorecooktown #greatbarrierreefcoast #thisisqueensland

Little Annan River Gorge

Herzlichen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft.

Hidden falls walk


Wer träumt nicht vom Regenwald mit allen seinen Gerüchen und Geräuschen, Blumen und Bäumen, hier in dieser malerischen Lodge bin ich diesem Ideal sehr nahe gekommen. Ganz versteckt am Ende der Straße ein Kleinod, praktische Häuschen, ein großzügiges Heerenhaus mit luftiger Terrasse. Und alles mit viel Liebe eingerichtet. Eine wahre Wohltat nach den vielen, doch sehr durchschnittlichen Hotels, gesichtslos und manchmal vergessen, so schön auch die Rundreise war.

Ich wünsche den Betreibern eine erfolgreiche Zukunft. Mögen sich auch die anderen Gäste so geborgen fühlen, wie ich.

Herzlichen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft.

Walter Rilens

An extraordinary experience

Such a beautiful part of the world and such amazingly warm friendly hosts – it truly felt like we were staying at a friends 🙂
The lodges are cosy and comfortable and the dinner is absolutely out of this world! We did nature walks, swimming near the waterfall, hung out in the beautiful green spaces on the property and did a trip or so to Cooktown.
Now the FOOD – dinner is absolutely out of this world. Not only that, the hosts have a contagious zest for the wildlife, the community and live in absolute harmony with them.
No WIFI and it is a unique feature of this place. We loved the temporary digital detox!
Thank you Hamish, Isabella, Tricia, Claire – you guys made the birthday very special and the cake was an absolute treat. We wish you all the best
Mearl C
London, UK