Wujal Wujal | Bloomfield |Ayton

Wujal Wujal | Bloomfield |Ayton

Named after the falls the Aboriginal Community of Wujal Wujal is set in one of the eastern seaboards prettiest settings on the Bloomfield River. A short distance inland from the coast a small community with the store, library, hospital, police station, nice houses and community cultural centre. One of the tidiest and well maintained Aboriginal communities on Cape York.

Looking north from Mt Lewis Station toward Cedar Bay NP

Ayton has the Black Cockatoo Art Gallery, an IGA Express store and takeaway, Escape Cafe with quality camping at Bloomfield Beach Camp or cabins at Bloomfield Escape. Bloomfield has a school and wharf. Wujal Wujal hosts the Bana Yirriji Art and Cultural Centre located on the banks of the Bloomfield River just below the Wujal Wujal waterfall. Whilst down there don’t miss Weary Bay!

Weary Bay named by Cook is an open 9km long bay, at the mouth of the Bloomfield River where you’ll often find the locals wetting a line. The beautiful Weary Bay Beach is an ideal spot for a long stroll or a leisurely lunch. Access is via Weary Bay Road.

Bana Yirriji Art Centre is a professional gallery space offers visitors a taste  of what Wujal Wujal Aboriginal artists have to offer, while a beehive of pottery, printmaking, jewellery and other arts workshop areas showcase the artists at work – a fantastic opportunity to get to know each individual as they put their creativity in motion. As a facility that promotes and supports artists and cultural development in the region, you won’t be disappointed with this neat package of arts and cultural learning. Ask for Ruby!